As of May 31, 2014 we only offer consulting services. Phil Fraley Productions, Inc.(PFP) was a museum exhibit fabrication company comprised of a cohesive group of creative professionals who built natural history exhibits that are both scientifically accurate and visually engaging. We are best known for our innovative dinosaur fossil mounts comprised of hand-forged armatures that securely and beautifully cradle each bone. Our multi-faceted skill set included expertise in a variety of processes, which range in scale from the detailed modeling of insects, to the complete design, fabrication and installation of dioramas and murals.

As a specialized group, our work was performed in cooperation with many others including architects, designers, construction companies, curatorial staff and museum administrators. We utilize drawings, photographs, mockups and models to facilitate an ongoing collaborative process. We place importance on research, development and working with the client throughout all phases of the project. In all matters related to the museum’s collections, we consult and collaborate with the scientific staff as well as the preparation and conservation personnel. We share the scientific community’s concern for the protection and integrity of specimens that are entrusted to our care.

Phil Fraley has over thirty years of museum exhibit experience, including nine years at the American Museum of Natural History. In his position as Coordinator of Mounting and Specimen Restoration for the Fossil Halls Renovation Project, Phil recruited and trained a team of artisans who disarticulated, moved, revised and remounted the majority of fossil specimens in the Dinosaur Halls. After the Fossil Halls Renovation Project was completed, Phil continued at the American Museum of Natural History as Project Manager of Special Exhibitions managing aspects of two major exhibit projects—the Hall of Biodiversity and the Hall of Planet Earth.

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